There are a lot of acting you will every encounter if you have this kind of passion, you also needed to know what are the different type of acting you want specifically. Nowadays, there are different workshop and lessons you can enroll to, if you wanted to be a good actor or actress. These workshop lessons also have different acting lesson in the different type of acting you wanted to do in the different scenario. In this article you will know the different acting that you want to know in the different set up that a video or scene that the director or the producer wanted.


Michael Coleman is one of the best producers that you can contact if you wanted to be in a film and if you are passionate in acting in front of the camera. Coleman and his company studied and build this film making company to make new films that is more relatable and more fitted to the people in this generation. So, what are you waiting for, don’t waste time in thinking to contact them for the best experience that you will ever have in the film making? Here are the differing things you wanted to know about the different acting setup;

Theatre Acting

It is mostly you have an audience in front of you, who is watching you and your co-actors performing live with them. The acting you needed to do if you want to be a theater actor is that you have to do everything in the best of your ability. Performing in the theater is not easy and you have to memorize all the lines that is assign to you, it is not just that you have to give all your best every time you will about to perform. It is a live connection with the audience so, you needed to perform and let them know that all the scene you are making are all real and heart felt from your side.

Film Acting

It is not that hard unlike in the theatre acting, because you will only have to act whenever the camera is rolling and ongoing. There is also a different angle that is needed to be shot because not all the angle is being capture in the camera. That is why it is also exhausting to act in this type of set up. You needed to stay up late or early in the morning just to capture the perfect scenery and you to make sure that you will satisfy and meet the director’s expectation.

Street Acting

This type of acting is where you will perform in the street for commoners and people see you play and perform in live. It is mostly like the theatre acting that you needed to do everything and memorize everything because you only have one shot to do that scene. You also have a live audience to watch you so you have made sure that you deliver lines well. Instead of a theatre hall you will be performing in the city plaza of the sidewalk mostly a lot of people pass by.