The ability of a student to generate and develop a skill to decide a good research topic is one of the problems that most student are experiencing. Your teachers or instructors may ask you research topics on the spot with your desired group and most of the topic they advise you to think are the one that makes you interested. Most of the students do not immediately generate ideas that are interesting to their taste and to the taste of their instructors. So here are some of the tips on how to generate an effective and interesting research topic in a short amount of time. 

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Brainstorming for ideas are the first and fastest way to accumulate topics that are student can immediate pull out in their pocket. They must share different ideas and gather things that are mutual and interesting in each individual that are present in the group. By this you can able to read all the ideas and generalize all and can already make a simple yet interesting ideas that are agreed by all. Thus, this is also where people are tended to stand out and are given the chance to become a leader of their own and mostly are the people who are disciplined enough. 

If you already chose on what topic you all had decided and it is already been approved by your teacher or instructors then you must stick and focus in your topic at all times. In this way you are able to create boundaries that exclude all the other ideas that might pop-up in your groupmate’s mind after the brainstorming itself. Even though are already brainstormed you must always make a list of useful keywords that can help your research to be determined easily by other researchers in the future. This can help them gather information that may help them in their researches. 

Be flexible in all the possibilities that may occur when you are creating your own topic and do not just lock the possibility that it can be connected to other resources and research topics. Always Research and read more of your topic which in this you can able to accumulate data from to another research with the same idea. Lastly, when you already finished this all steps you can eventually formulate your own thesis statement that will become your guide to have a more meaningful and unforgettable research that can help not just you but also other people.