In terms of selling your home, one of the main areas that get the most inspection from homebuyers is the kitchen. By staging your kitchen with the help of Allen Home Staging, it would actually aid you in maximizing your chance to increase your profits from your home sale. If you will consider this, the kitchen will gain the homebuyer’s attention for two reasons: 

  1. The kitchen is the priciest area of a home to renovate.
  2. The majority believes that the kitchen is the heart of the home. 

Homebuyers want to enjoy their kitchen as they look for a new home. Hence, this is one of the reasons why kitchen staging is very essential in boosting the sale of your home. 

If you think your kitchen is already outdated, then you might want to remodel it to impress the buyer. Also, you could ask for help in terms of light staging if your kitchen was recently remodeled. If your kitchen badly needs to be remodeled, then you have two options: to remodel your kitchen or to sell your house as-is. However, perhaps you do not have sufficient funds to renovate your kitchen, you can choose the latter option. But, you should at least show to your buyers why your kitchen still stands out even without remodeling. Below are some of the tips in staging your kitchen in any situation: 

Be extra sensitive to kitchen odors 

You need to be extra mindful of the odor in your kitchen since the buyers will definitely be aware of it. What you have to do is to clean it thoroughly as you make sure that there will no longer be lingering odors. Although, you should be careful about what you will cook while you’re about to show your property.  


Light your kitchen up 

Change all your bulbs with similar color temperature bulbs. Also, you can try using bulbs with increased wattage. Think about incorporating counter lights below and light up the dark corners by purchasing some mall countertop lamps.  

Eliminate excessive furniture 

You need to remove some furniture if it’s not essential in the kitchen anymore. Additional storage units and hutches, which aren’t part of the kitchen could obstruct the flow. Lessen the stools around an island and a maximum of 2 stools are accepted. Your kitchen table must also be limited to 2 or 4 chairs. 


Remove the drapes and curtains 

You must light up your kitchen using natural lighting. Remember that curtains are very personal pieces that could obstruct natural lighting from your kitchen and it could distract buyers as well. If you think that you need to put curtains to stop people from watching, you should replace it with sheer curtains that have neutral colors.  


Get rid of floor coverings and rugs 

Display your flooring because it is what you’re selling, most especially if you have current hardwoods or tiles. Also, rugs and floor coverings can distract buyers. They would prefer seeing the hardwoods than seeing rugs or floor coverings while you show off your property.